Kalaayaanulaa is a 2003 Maldivian romantic film written and directed by Fathimath Nahula. Produced under Mapa, the film stars Yoosuf Shafeeu, Niuma Mohamed and Aishath Shirani playing pivotal roles.


Nashid (Yoosuf Shafeeu) and Eenaz (Niuma Mohamed), childhood bestfriends who were separated when Nashid had to go abroad. After his return, they held a reunion where Nashid introduced Leena (Aishath Shirani) as his wife which shattered Eenaz's heart who was secretly in deep love with him. Leena, who previously crashed in a car accident was advised not to become pregnant during the next three years. However, one and half year later, Leena gets pregnant and unknowingly, she risks her life by avoiding taking abortion pills. Meanwhile, Eenaz's manager, Madhih (Assad Shareef), who sexually harasses her at work, came to her parents asking for marriage approval.


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    director Fathimath Nahula
    editor Sadha Ahmed
    genre romance
    keywords car accident
    musicBy Hussain Sobah
    productionCompany Mapa