The Dangerous Maid

The Dangerous Maid

The Dangerous Maid is a 1923 American silent historical comedy-drama film produced and distributed by Joseph M. Schenck Productions and directed by Victor Heerman. Based upon the novel Barbara Winslow, Rebel by Elizabeth Ellis, it was distributed through Associated First National Pictures.


As described in a film magazine review, the Duke of Monmouth's 1685 rebellion in England fails. Monmouth adherent Barbara Winslow disguises herself to lead his pursuers astray. She falls into the hands of the Royal troops. Later, she obtains documents compromising Judge George Jeffreys, and forces him to sign pardons for all involved.

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    contentLocation England
    director Victor Heerman
    genre comedy-drama historical
    keywords monmouth rebellion rebellion
    producer Joseph Schenck
    productionCompany Joseph M. Schenck Productions
    publisher First National Pictures