Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey, also known in the United States as The Perfect Alibi, is a 1930 British mystery film produced and directed by Basil Dean, from a screenplay he co-wrote with A.A. Milne from Milne's play which was known as The Perfect Alibi in the United States and The Fourth Wall in the United Kingdom. The film stars Dorothy Boyd, Robert Loraine, Warwick Ward, C. Aubrey Smith, Frank Lawton, and Robert Loraine, and was produced at Beaconsfield Studios by Associated Talking Pictures.


At his country estate, Arthur Hilton (C. Aubrey Smith) is regaling his dinner guests with his exploits as a police officer decades earlier in Africa. He keys in a case where he had to track down a gang of three men who were suspected of a series of murders. He does stumble on them, but they actually end up capturing him. Fortunately, he was able to talk his way out of that predicament, and later on tracked them down again and captured them. One was hanged for his crimes, while the other two were sentenced to twenty years in prison.