The Disputed Vote of Mr. Cayo

The Disputed Vote of Mr. Cayo is a 1986 Spanish film directed by Antonio Giménez-Rico. It is based on the 1978 homonymous novel written by Miguel Delibes.


The film begins during the years of democracy in Spain after the death of caudillo Francisco Franco. Rafael Iñaki Miramón is informed of the death of his former boss Victor Velasco (Juan Luis Galiardo), an honest and benevolent politician. In the funeral, Rafael sees Laly (Lydia Bosch), a former colleague in his political party, and they reminisce about the time they embarked on a campaign trip with Victor to the northern outskirts of Burgos to convince the local mayors of each zone for their vote. There they met Mr. Cayo, mayor of a small village and a self-sufficient farmer. Victor never found out for whom Mr. Cayo voted and this always intrigued him. After pressure from Laly, Rafael decides to go back to the small village to find the answer. As consequence, Rafael has flashbacks of his time campaigning with Victor in Burgos and the surrounding areas in June 1977. These were the first democratic elections of the post-Francoist era that were known as la Transición Española. Most of the film concerns his memories during the campaign trail. It is worth noting that the scenes during the democratic years are in black and white while the scenes during la Transición are in color.