Tank Knights Fortress

Tank Knights Fortress

Tank Knights Fortress (Hangul: 포트리스, Poteuliseu in short or 무한 전기 포트 리스, Muhan Jeongi Poteuliseu full name) is a Korean-Japanese co-produced animated series by SBS Productions, Dong Woo Animation and Daewon Media of South Korea in partnership with SUNRISE, NAS and Bandai Visual of Japan. This animated series was broadcast and shown in the Philippines and Taiwan. It also has an array of original merchandise such as manga, on-line games, toy figures and an audio CD soundtrack.


The Strain Dark Fortress Fortress reported that the fusion process, being pulled understand the mechanism of Lies. Thus, the black dragon named Dark Fortress Fortress Rise produces a life as possible.


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    genre animation
    keywords attack capture drive
    publisher Daewon Media