Vaadhyar (English: Teacher) is a 2012 Malayalam film directed by debutant Nidheesh Sakthi and written by Rajesh Raghavan, Produced by N Sudhish under the banner of Lakshminath Creations, and the music is composed by Manoj George and Rinil Gowtham. The film stars Jayasurya in the title role. The film is about an aided school teacher named Anoop Krishnan, his dream is to become an MBA holder, but circumstances force him to take up teaching profession. He is chosen to work at Kottapuram Saraswathi Vilasam U.P. School, he doesn't do his job properly as he works there with no interest and the problems that occur leads to the rest of the story.


Headmistress Subadhra runs the impoverished Saraswathi Vilasam UP School. With insufficient amenities, she teaches and provides lunch to the unprivileged children of the region. Anoop Krishnan, a youth with ambitions of his own, is forced by his mother to follow his father's footsteps and become a school teacher. Reluctant Anoop is a dispassionate teacher, but a speech from an IAS officer, a student of his father's, inspires Anoop to become an exemplary teacher like his father was. Anoop improves the school and takes charge of the institution.

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    director Nidheesh Sakthi
    editor Ranjan Abraham
    keywords force impoverish school teacher
    musicBy Manoj George
    producer N Sudhish
    productionCompany Lakshminath Creations
    publisher Kalasangham Films