My Knight and Me

My Knight and Me

My Knight and Me is an animated fantasy television series created by Joeri Christiaen. The series is a co-production between TeamTO and Thuristar, in co-production with Canal+ Family and Télétoon+, with the participation of Super RTL and in coproduction with VRT-Ketnet and RTBF-Ouftivi. The series premiered in the US on January 2, 2017, on Cartoon Network and Boomerang in April. It currently airs on Family Channel in Canada. It is based on the animated short film "850 Meters", made by Thuristar and Lunanime.


The series is set in the Dark Ages, and focuses on Jimmy the Squire, along with his friend, Cat the Princess, and his father, Henri of Orange, a chivalrous knight; as they all embark on fun adventures.