Trouble is a 1922 American silent comedy drama film directed by Albert Austin and written by Max Abramson. The film stars Jackie Coogan, Wallace Beery, and Gloria Hope. The film was released on August 7, 1922, by Associated First National Pictures.


As described in a film magazine, Danny (Coogan) is a kid at a private orphanage where he is beset with much grief in his attempts to prevent the sending away of his pet dog. The orphanage is to be abandoned and its little charges are offered for adoption. Danny finds a new home but it is far from an ideal home. The wife-beating husband Ed Lee (Beery) is finally put where he can work off his excess energy on a rock pile, while Danny, his foster mother (Hope), and her parents repair to an old farmhouse in the country where all is well.

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    director Albert Austin
    editor Irene Morra
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords abandon film magazine new home pet dog rock pile
    producer Sol Lesser
    publisher First National Pictures
    theme prison