Good Day for a Hanging

Good Day for a Hanging

Good Day for a Hanging is a 1959 American Western film directed by Nathan H. Juran and starring Fred MacMurray and Margaret Hayes.


Eddie Campbell (Robert Vaughn) and two other members of an outlaw band watch a stagecoach as it travels toward a Nebraska town. They are leading two extra, saddled horses. Two other members of his gang are on the stage and they plan to meet in town to rob the bank when the stage arrives. Ben Cutler (MacMurray), owner of the stage line, is to be wed to Ruth Granger (Hayes).

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    director Nathan H. Juran
    editor Jerome Thoms
    events capital punishment
    genre western
    keywords act bank teller edmon ryan flee kill wound
    producer Charles H. Schneer
    productionCompany Morningside Productions
    publisher Columbia Pictures