Führer Ex

Führer Ex is a German neo-nazi drama film directed by Winfried Bonengel and based on the autobiographical book Die Abrechnung by Ingo Hasselbach. It was entered into the 59th Venice International Film Festival.


Hacky friends Heiko and Tommy dream of escaping from communist Berlin that has become disgusting to them. Attempting to cross the border leads them to jail. In contrast to the sluggish and closed Heiko, the experienced and courageous Tommy is already familiar with the harsh orders of the model prisons of the GDR, where neo-Nazi groups are in charge. Caught in this hell, where only the snitches and mad beasts survive, Heiko escapes, enlisting the friendship of a local fascist leader, and Tommy decides to desperately escape.

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    director Winfried Bonengel
    editor Monika Schindler
    genre drama
    keywords berlin wall disgust wall
    musicBy Loek Dikker
    producer Clementina Hegewisch Laurens Straub Rainer Mockert
    productionCompany StudioCanal