The Thrill Hunter

The Thrill Hunter

The Thrill Hunter is a 1933 American pre-Code comedy film directed by George B. Seitz. Buck Jones stars as a habitual teller of tall tales, while Dorothy Revier plays the film star he tries to impress.


Braggart Buck Crosby rescues movie star Marjorie Lane when her horse bolts during location shooting. She invites him to dinner, where he regales the film crew with tall tales of his exploits. When someone notices his resemblance to a noted car racer, he takes credit for that, too. After he leaves, he is attracted to a commotion in an isolated cabin. Shots ring out, and he finds two men dead inside. They turn out to be members of the Blake gang, which just pulled off a $100,000 gold robbery. Buck finds a locket and keeps it, then claims the reward for shooting the two men. This latest exploit convinces director Ed Jackson to invite Buck to go to Hollywood and star opposite Marjorie in her next picture.