The Case of Becky

The Case of Becky is a 1915 American silent drama film directed by Frank Reicher. It was adapted by Margaret Turnbull from the 1912 play of the same name by David Belasco and Edward Locke. The film stars Blanche Sweet, Theodore Roberts, James Neill, Carlyle Blackwell, Jane Wolfe, and Gertrude Kellar. The film was released on September 13, 1915, by Paramount Pictures. The film was later remade in 1921 under the same title.


Dorothy, victim of the influence that the hypnotist Balzamo has on her, the man who raised her, develops a second personality with a malevolent character named Becky. When Balzamo tries to win the girl, she runs away. Meanwhile, Dr. Emerson, a specialist in nerve diseases, encourages Dr. John Arnold to use his hypnotic powers to heal the sick and tells him that those powers are dangerous because his wife had been the victim of a hypnotist years earlier, who l 'had kidnapped. After the woman's death, all traces of her little girl had been lost.