At the Edge of the City

At the Edge of the City

At the Edge of the City is a 1953 Italian crime film drama directed by Carlo Lizzani. The film stars Massimo Girotti, Marina Berti and Giulietta Masina. In Rome a young man is falsely accused of killing his girlfriend. It was shot at the Palatino Studios in Rome and on location in the city. The film used neorealist style and was based on a real-life case.


Mario Ilari, a young unemployed worker, is unjustly accused of killing a girl he knows of him. Once arrested, he manages to escape and hide in the house of his partner Gina, but ends up in prison again. The lawyer Roberto Marini agrees to take his defense after being contacted by Luisa, a friend of Gina, convinced that the trial will give him the opportunity to assert himself. The situation, however, is complicated by the fact that Calì, a homeless man, says he saw Ilari at the scene of the crime. Ilari confesses that he met Greta through a female friend, who should have facilitated his expatriation. When the lawyer Marini accuses Calì of perjury, he kills himself. The situation is resolved when the body of Greta is found, killed by the real culprit after being kidnapped. Ilari is freed and Marini and Luisa confess their mutual love.

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    contentLocation Rome
    director Carlo Lizzani
    editor Guido Bertoli Jenner Menghi
    genre crime drama
    keywords arrest homeless man kidnap kill unemployed
    musicBy Franco Mannino
    producer Fernando Croce
    publisher Elios Film