Cursed Mountain

Cursed Mountain (Spanish: Sierra maldita) is a 1954 Spanish drama film directed by Antonio del Amo and starring Rubén Rojo, Lina Rosales and José Guardiola.


A small Spanish town is divided between the upper and lower parts. In the 'upper' part, all the people are poor and barren. The 'lower' part, where our hero Juan lives, is rich. Juan falls in love with Cruz, a pretty girl from the upper side. While traveling through the forest, Juan and Cruz must fight Lucas, a rival, with only weapons in their disposal. Axes.

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    contentLocation Andalusia
    director Antonio del Amo
    editor Pepita Orduna
    genre drama
    keywords pretty girl travel
    musicBy Jesús Romo
    productionCompany Almasirio Producciones de Cinematografía
    publisher Paramount Films de España