Maa Balaji (English: My Balaji) is a 1999 Telugu family-drama film directed by Kodi Ramakrishna. The filmstars stars Vadde Naveen, Maheswari, and Laya. The films is a remake of the 1998 Malayalam film Punjabi House.


Balaji (Vadde Naveen) is an unsuccessful entrepreneur, who is in deep debt and in no situation to repay them. Due to torment from his many creditors and lack of solace from his family, he decides to commit suicide (faking it as an accident) so that his debts can be repaid with the insurance money. He jump off the pier into the sea only to be rescued by fishermen from a distant coast, named Penchalyya (Brahmanandam) and his employee Ramana (Sudhakar). Unni pretends to be deaf and mute in front of them, so as to not reveal the truth. Back at home, his family is denied insurance, stating unconfirmed death (owing to lack of body), putting them in a difficult situation on repaying the debt.