The Exploits of the Emden

The Exploits of the Emden is a 1928 silent Australian film about the Battle of Cocos; the World War I naval battle between Australian cruiser and German cruiser . It consists of footage from a 1926 German film, Our Emden, with additional sequences shot in Australia by director Ken G. Hall. Only part of the film survives today.


Prior to World War I, a German officer in China sends for his wife to join him. When war is declared, he is assigned to the Emden. He is reunited with his wife when the Emden takes aboard passengers from the Diplomat in the Indian Ocean. The Emden fights the Sydney and is destroyed but the German officer survives.


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    director Ken G. Hall Louis Ralph
    editor Ken G. Hall
    genre adventure
    keywords german officer indian ocean world war i
    producer Ken G. Hall
    productionCompany First National Pictures
    publisher First National
    theme war