Damon's Law (also known as The Rutherford County Line) is a 1987 American action film that follows the events and criminal cases that Sheriff Damon Huskey encounters while working for Rutherford County, North Carolina. Based on actual events, the film characterizes how Huskey, played by Earl Owensby, handles each case as well in some instances how they change his life forever.


Set in Rutherford County, North Carolina, Damon's Law tells the story of Sheriff Damon Huskey's experiences as Sheriff of Rutherford County. He is portrayed as a man who is admired by his town and who is well respected. Huskey, played by Earl Owensby (who also produced the film), faces instances where he calms an uncontrollable prisoner, approaches an armed suspect, without his own weapon drawn, as well as an animal cruelty report that in turn ends with a child abuse case. Sheriff Huskey encounters previously released prisoners, and also juggles his career and relationship with his family. As he protects the lives of his county citizens, maintains control and justice of suspects and criminals, Huskey also works in close relation to his brother, Deputy Roy Huskey (Terry Loughlin). Together with the other deputies, the Rutherford County men keep violence and criminal acts to a minimum. However, on the evening of May 31, 1979, an event takes place that changes Huskey's life personally and professionally, as well as all who live in Rutherford County forever.