Night of the Naked Dead

Night of the Naked Dead

Night of the Naked Dead is a 2013 American paranormal film written and directed by Junius Podrug. The film stars Emma Gruttadauria, Joshua Koopman, Alexandra Creteau, Nick Apostolides, and Carl S. Back in the lead roles.


Emma (Emma Gruttadauria) is a financially strapped B&B owner on a small island off of Cape Cod. She is a romance writer whose books are not selling because they are not erotic enough. Besides the threat of losing the B&B to foreclosure, there is more aggravation in her life when she hires a handyman, David (Josh Koopman) to fix her plumbing and he breaks two things for everything he fixes. David is a traumatized vet living out of his derelict van. Despite his inept plumbing skills and her sharp tongue about his faults, David stirs Emma’s desires and she begins to fantasize about him, putting her sexual fantasies into the story she’s writing. The two become trapped in the B&B when a strange storm suddenly hits. The storm from Hell stirs awake the dead who rise naked in salt marshes by the house. While the dead are awakening, Jack (Carl Back), a crooked real estate developer, arrives at the B&B to foreclose. Among the newly awakened deceased is Veronica (Alexandra Creteau), a young runaway with dreams of being a Hollywood star. Veronica arrives nude at the B&B. On her heels also awakened in the marshes comes Coby (Nick Apostolides) a twisted killer. Coby arrives in a police uniform with blood on him and in pursuit of Veronica. They both appear to be normal human beings but Emma soon begins to realize that the strangers have come with secrets. The realization that there is something a bit strange about her guests turns to a sense of horror as she realizes that they are the living dead . . . and that sometimes the dead have unfinished business.