Jimmy the Gent

Jimmy the Gent

Jimmy the Gent is a 1934 American Pre-Code comedy-crime film directed by Michael Curtiz, starring James Cagney and Bette Davis and featuring Allen Jenkins. It was the first pairing of Cagney and Davis, who would reunite for The Bride Came C.O.D. seven years later.


The unscrupulous Jimmy Corrigan (James Cagney), runs an agency that searches for heirs of those who have died without leaving a will, and often provides phony claimants in order to collect his fee. When his former girlfriend Joan Martin (Bette Davis), who left him because of his lack of ethics, accepts a position at the allegedly legitimate firm owned by Charles Wallingham (Alan Dinehart), Corrigan investigates Wallingham's background and discovers his rival is even more duplicitous than he is. He exposes Wallingham as a phony and promises to go straight if Joan will come back to him.

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    director Michael Curtiz
    editor Thomas Richards
    genre comedy-drama crime
    keywords ethic heir inheritance will
    musicBy Bernhard Kaun
    producer Robert Lord
    productionCompany Warner Bros.
    publisher Warner Bros.