Kolaigaran is a 2019 Indian Tamil-language action thriller film directed by Andrew Louis of Leelai fame. The film stars Arjun, Vijay Antony, and Ashima Narwal in the main lead roles, while Nassar and Seetha play supportive roles. The music is scored by Simon K. King Principal photography of the film commenced on 5 June 2018. The film follows an investigation in which a woman and her mother are suspected of murder after a disfigured corpse is found, while their neighbor claims to have committed it instead, much to the surprise of cops. Along with a Telugu dubbed version titled Killer, the film released theatrically on 7 June 2019. It opened to positive reviews.


The movie begins with a murder of a mysterious lady who is killed by an unknown person inside a house. In another scene, Prabhakaran (Vijay Antony) is seen surrendering to the police. The scene shifts to Prabhakaran's past. Prabhakaran and Dharini (Ashima Narwal) are neighbours, and each morning, they coincidentally greet each other as they step out of their homes while stepping out to their respective workplaces. Although Dharini's friend who sees this happen each day warns her to be careful of Prabhakaran as she suspects this as a planned execution, Dharini dismisses her opinion as being paranoid.