The Doorman (Spanish: El portero), also known as Puerta, joven (Spanish: Door, Young Man or The Door, Please), is a 1950 Mexican comedy film directed by Miguel M. Delgado and starring Cantinflas and Silvia Pinal.


The portero or doorman of a humble neighborhood (Cantinflas) also writes letters to his neighbors for extra money. He falls in love with his beautiful neighbor, Rosita (Pinal), who cannot walk, while a young military man is also in love with the girl. The doorman wants his neighbor to be happy, so he writes letters to her, but signing as her military admirer. Meanwhile, the doorman has a plan for her to walk again, by earning money at the horse races to pay for her operation.

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    director Miguel M. Delgado
    editor Jorge Bustos
    genre comedy
    keywords horse race
    musicBy Gonzalo Curiel
    productionCompany Posa Films