King Cobra is a 1999 Trimark Pictures direct to video horror/sci-fi film directed by Scott Hillenbrand and David Hillenbrand with featured special effects by The Chiodo Brothers. Starring Pat Morita, Scott Hillenbrand, Hoyt Axton, Joseph Ruskin, and Courtney Gains, the film was released April 27, 1999.


A genetics laboratory run by Dr. Irwin Burns (Joseph Ruskin) to research aggressive behavior has an accident, resulting in a chemical fire and explosion, and the escape of a long hybrid snake with traits of both the Asian King Cobra (in the film, it is referred to as the African King Cobra, even though the King Cobra species doesn't inhabit the African continent) and the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake. Loose in the countryside for two years and filled with the experimental aggressiveness drug, the snake, nicknamed "Seth", eventually outgrows his woodland prey and begins hunting the residents of the small brewery town of Filmore. Dr. Brad Kragen (Scott Hillenbrand) conducts an autopsy on a recently found body and determines that the death was caused by a huge snake. He and Police Chief Jo Biddle (Casey Fallo) go to town mayor (and Jo's father) Ed (Hoyt Axton) and demand he cancel an upcoming town lager festival. Ed refuses, but after more deaths, the town eventually brings in herpetologist and hunter Nick "Hash" Hashimoto (Pat Morita).