Americanizing Shelley

Americanizing Shelley

Americanizing Shelley is a 2007 Hollywood romantic comedy film directed by Lorraine Senna and starring Beau Bridges, Namrata Singh Gujral, Shaheen Khan, Wil Wheaton, Noureen DeWulf, Tony Yalda, and Ajay Mehta. The film was the closing film of the 2007 Nashville Film Festival.


Gujral stars as Shalini Singh/Shelley, an Indian woman who comes to the United States from a Himalayan village to find her fiance and crosses paths with a movie producer who tries to "Americanize" her in order to make her a star.

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    director Lorraine Senna
    editor Troy Takaki
    genre comedy romance
    musicBy Jay Ferguson
    producer UniGlobe Entertainment
    productionCompany UniGlobe Entertainment
    publisher UniGlobe Entertainment
    theme romantic comedy