Sadarame is a 1935 Indian Kannada language mythological drama film directed by Raja Chandrashekar and produced by Gubbi Veeranna, both making their film debuts. This film was the third sound film produced in Kannada cinema. The same film had a Tamil version released as Naveena Sadarame produced by K. Subramanyam and starred S. D. Subbulakshmi in the title role.


The film revolves around Sadarame, a brave woman who dares all the challenges she faces in life and a prince who admires her for her bravery and falls in love with her. She dons a male outfit to escape from a thief with a roving eyes, called Pucca Kalla. Thinking her to be a male, a princess falls in love with her and a confusion over the characters follows. The films ends up with the prince marrying both Sadarame and the princess.


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    director Raja Chandrashekar
    genre drama
    keywords think
    musicBy Venkataramaiah
    producer Gubbi Veeranna
    productionCompany Shakuntala Films
    theme biographical drama