Savage Fury

Savage Fury is a 1985 pornographic thriller written and directed by Mark Carriere and co-written by Tina Marie. It was followed by Savage Fury 2 in 1989 and Savage Fury 3 in 1994.


Outside a pizzeria, a trio of ne'er-do-wells sexually harass three female college students, prompting one of the young women to slap and shove the men's leader, Clint, who threatens to get even. That night, the three thugs, with the help of two other toughs, break into the girls' dormitory at the Central State University. The quintet rape the five women inside, and, afterward, one of the victims vows: "You mark my words, I'll get you in the end!" A year later, one of the women spots four of the five rapists at a bar, so she gets in touch with the other victims, and, together, they plot to get revenge on their assailants.