The Homebreaker

The Homebreaker

The Homebreaker is a 1919 American silent comedy film directed by Victor Schertzinger and written by John Lynch and R. Cecil Smith. The film stars Dorothy Dalton, Douglas MacLean, Edwin Stevens, Frank Leigh, Beverly Travis, and Nora Johnson. The film was released on April 20, 1919 by Paramount Pictures. It is presumed to be a lost film.


As described in a film magazine, Mary Marbury (Dalton), a traveling saleswoman for Abbott and Son and incidentally the fiancée of Raymond Abbott (MacLean), the son, returns from a trip to find that Raymond and his sister Lois (Johnson) are spending afternoons and evenings with Fernando Poyntier (Leigh), a pseudo Russian nobleman, and his supposed sister Marcia (Travis). With the assistance of Jonas Abbott (Stevens), father of Raymond and Lois, she decides to bring them to their senses. Consequently, she speeds up a bit with Jonas as her companion. At about the time she has worried Raymond that she will marry his father, Fernando and his supposed sister rob the house. The plot is further complicated by Fernando attempting to double-cross his confederate and elope with Lois. Mary stumbles onto the truth while on a yacht trip with the elder Abbott. The arrest of the crooks follows and Mary wins back Raymond.

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    director Victor Schertzinger
    editor W. Duncan Mansfield
    genre comedy
    keywords even film magazine travel
    producer Thomas H. Ince
    productionCompany Thomas H. Ince Corporation
    publisher Paramount Pictures