Según Bibi

Según Bibi

Según Bibi is a Mexican sitcom that aired on Las Estrellas from 31 May 2018 to 23 August 2018. Produced by Marisol Mijares and Alex Balassa for Televisa, based on the Argentine series Según Roxi written by Julieta Otero. It stars Gicela Sehedi as the titular character, along with Felipe Nájera, Isabella Vázquez, Ricardo Crespo, and Claudia Cervantes. The first episode of the series was filmed in August 2017.


Bibi was a carefree and rock girl who into a mother, she shares her bed with her partner and her four-year-old daughter. Now with her life transformed, she tries not to be the worst mother in the world, work hard, lose weight and be happy.


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    publisher Las Estrellas