Spork is a 2011 American independent coming-of-age musical comedy-drama film produced by Christopher Racster, Chad Allen, Honey Labrador and Geric Miller-Frost, written and directed by J.B. Ghuman Jr. and starring Savannah Stehlin, Sydney Park, Rachel G. Fox, Michael William Arnold, Oana Gregory, Rodney Eastman, Beth Grant, Yeardley Smith of The Simpsons fame, Keith David, Elaine Hendrix and Richard Riehle. Also produced by Neca Films, Last Bastion Entertainment, 11:11 Entertainment Inc., Bent Film and Archer Productions, the film was theatrically released in the United States of America on May 20, 2011 by Underhill Entertainment and Wrekin Hill Entertainment. Spork received mixed reviews from film critics and also received a score of 50% from Rotten Tomatoes.


Set in Los Angeles, California, a 14-year-old teenage girl nicknamed "Spork" is unpopular, mistreated by her classmates, and very soft-spoken. Her next-door neighbor and best friend, known as "Tootsie Roll", is planning on entering the school Dance-Off to win $236 which she would use to visit her father in prison. During a hair-product-related dancing accident, Tootsie Roll injures her ankle and can no longer compete in the competition. Spork rises to the occasion and surprises the whole school by signing up for the Dance-Off.