Fanny by Gaslight

Fanny by Gaslight

Fanny by Gaslight (US title – Man of Evil) is a 1944 British drama film, produced by Gainsborough Pictures, set in the 1870s and adapted from a novel by Michael Sadleir (also adapted as a 1981 mini-series).


Fanny (Phyllis Calvert) finishes at boarding school in 1880 and returns to London, where she witnesses Lord Manderstoke (James Mason) fight and kill her supposed father. She soon learns that her family has run a brothel next door to her home and (on her mother's death) that he was not her real father. She goes to meet her real father – a respected politician – and falls in love with Harry Somerford (Stewart Granger), his advisor. Manderstoke continues to thwart her happiness.

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    contentLocation Paris
    director Anthony Asquith
    editor R. E. Dearing
    genre drama historical
    keywords boarding school
    musicBy Cedric Mallabey
    producer Edward Black
    productionCompany Gainsborough Pictures
    theme melodrama