Drapchi (a.k.a. The Nightingale of Tibet) is a 2014 Tibetan-language Film directed by Arvind Iyer and stars acclaimed Tibetan singer Namgyal Lhamo in the lead role as Yiga Gyalnang .The film is a musical drama set against the backdrop of Tibet and Nepal and based on a true story. Drapchi has screened at the Manneim-Heidelberg, Cairo International, Warsaw International, Kerala International and Rome Independent Film Festival.


The film chronicles the life of Yiga Gyalnang (played by Namgyal Lhamo), a Tibetan opera singer after she is abducted and held as a prisoner at the Drapchi Prison in Lhasa, Tibet. The prison has been considered a symbol of control and fear and serves as the backdrop for the film. Although the film is set against the backdrop of the prison, the title of the film serves more as a metaphor for the illegal detention and unlawful persecution of Tibetans inside occupied Tibet.

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    director Arvind Iyer
    genre drama
    keywords abduct drapchi prison lhasa opera singer sing tibet
    musicBy Namgyal Lhamo
    producer Iceberg Nine Films
    theme independent