Wieners is a 2008 American comedy film directed by Mark Steilen and starring Fran Kranz, Kenan Thompson, Jenny McCarthy and Darrel Hammond. It was written by Suzanne Francis and Gabe Grifoni.


Fran Kranz stars as Joel, a guy who has recently been dumped by his girlfriend (on the advice of an abusive television therapist Dr. Dwayne, played by Darrell Hammond), sending him into a spiral of depression. His two friends, Wyatt (Kenan Thompson) and Ben (Zachary Levi), a closeted gay man, take him on a road trip to lift his spirits and take revenge on Dr. Dwayne. The friends take their trip in Wyatt's van, which he has customized into a cross-country hotdog stand called the weinerwagon in an attempt to impress Oscar Mayer and get a job with them.