One Side of the Water

One Side of the Water

One Side of the Water is a 1988 Taiwanese television drama series produced by Ping Hsin-tao, based on the 1975 film The Unforgettable Character and its associated 1976 novel, both written by his wife Chiung Yao. The series stars Chiung Yao regulars Chin Han (who portrayed a different character in the 1975 film) and Leanne Liu in the leading roles.


The story is set in the 1980s, instead of the 1970s as in The Unforgettable Character. When Chu Chih-keng brings orphaned girl Tu Hsiao-shuang to his family, everyone welcomes her with open arms—except Chu Chih-keng's wife Lee Hsin-pei, since only she knows that Chu Chih-keng has loved Tu Hsiao-shuang's late mother Kao Hsu-pai. Chu Chih-keng's son Chu Shih-yao takes an immediate interest in the hard-working, forbearing and considerate Tu Hsiao-shuang, and Tu Hsiao-shuang also develops feelings for him. The problem is Chu Shih-yao is too hesitant to break up with the sweet Tso Chiao-jou who is crazy about him. In fact Chu Shih-yao has never loved Tso Chiao-jou romantically, rather he treats her like a younger sister, because the Chus and Tsos have been close for several decades. He and Tso Chiao-jou are involved in an accident: he becomes crippled for life while she suffers a major head injury. Meanwhile, Lee Hsin-pei blames everything on Tu Hsiao-shuang and drives her out.