Tagged: The Jonathan Wamback Story

Tagged: The Jonathan Wamback Story is a Canadian television film that first aired on CTV in 2001. The film follows the story of teenager Jonathan Wamback and his struggle with teen violence. The film is based on a true incident.


Jonathan Wamback starts his daily jog through the streets of his suburban neighbourhood. During his run, he catches the eye of Courtney Henderson. Shortly after, Jonathan and his best friend Toby start their first day of high school, where Jonathan notices Courtney again. As the boys are waiting to register for class, four members of a high school gang, Kyle Simpson, Donald Glover, Trevor Smith, and Ben Luekens make a noisy entrance. They waste no time ganging up on a small grade nine student, mocking and bullying him. Jonathan tries to intervene and quickly makes an enemy of gang leader Kyle.