Love Actually

Love Actually is a 2003 Christmas romantic comedy film written and directed by Richard Curtis. It features an ensemble cast, composed predominantly of British actors, many of whom had worked with Curtis in previous film and television projects. Mostly filmed on location in London, the screenplay delves into different aspects of love as shown through ten separate stories involving a wide variety of individuals, many of whom are shown to be interlinked as the tales progress. The story begins five weeks before Christmas and is played out in a weekly countdown until the holiday, followed by an epilogue that takes place one month later.


A voiceover opens the film, commenting that whenever he gets gloomy about the state of the world, he thinks of the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport, about the pure uncomplicated love of friends and families welcoming their loved ones. He also points out that the messages from the 9/11 victims were messages of love and not hate. The story then switches between the interconnecting "love stories" of many people:

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    contentLocation London Marseille
    director Richard Curtis
    editor Nick Moore
    events romance
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords 10 downing street airport security all you need is love anne reid art gallery beatles best friend best man boombox britishness broken english buy christmas card christmas carol christmas eve christmas gift christmas number one single christmas number-one singles in the uk christmas party christmas play church crush cue cards discover edit elton john end engage estuary english first time frances de la tour gather graphic design happen joni mitchell kiss land learn london heathrow airport love is all around married meet mental disorder mentally ill milwaukee wisconsin music video nativity play newlywed open porn pornography president of the united states press conference prime minister prime minister of the united kingdom psychiatric hospital red box rock and roll sale sex scene shop sibling silent night stand-in struggle taking a stand talk their way troggs tryst u.s. president united kingdom walk wed
    musicBy Craig Armstrong
    nomination European Film Award - People's Choice Award for Best Director Jameson People's Choice Award for Best Actor
    producer Debra Hayward Duncan Kenworthy Eric Fellner Liza Chasin Tim Bevan
    productionCompany DNA Films StudioCanal Working Title Films
    publisher BAC Films Lumière Universal Pictures
    recordedAt Aix-en-Provence Canary Wharf tube station Elliott School Esher Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair Heathrow Airport Marseille Selfridges Shepperton Studios Trafalgar Square
    theme romantic comedy