Un Argentino en New York

Un Argentino en New York (international, English title: An Argentine in New York) is a 1998 Argentine film directed by Juan José Jusid and starring Guillermo Francella and Natalia Oreiro. It is the story of an Argentine adolescent girl who travels to New York, and decides to stay and live there. Her father makes the decision to go to New York, a place where he has never been, to meet his daughter and try to bring her back to Buenos Aires. During his journey he’ll discover that his daughter has grown, formed a music band and met an American man who she loves.


Un Argentino en New York tells us the story of Franco Ricci (Guillermo Francella) and his daughter Veronica (Natalia Oreiro). Franco is a porteño who is very sentimental, a musician, separated and with a couple of dreams. Veronica, a brave young girl, attractive and intelligent, who always obtains what she wants.