Numberblocks is a British animated television series for preschoolers that debuted on CBeebies on 23 January 2017. The programme was created by Joe Elliot and produced by Alphablocks Ltd with Blue Zoo. It was commissioned by the British Broadcasting Corporation, with Larkshead Media and Learning Resources holding merchandising rights.


Numberblocks follows the adventures of sentient, colourful block characters in Numberland, each representing and named after a number, and made up of the equivalent number of blocks. A black floating number, called a Numberling, appears above their heads to show their value. When one block hops on top of another, they combine into a different character to make a new number. Many of the numbers have styles and personalities associated with their numbers (One is brave and independent, Four loves squares as he is a square number, Seven is rainbow-coloured and lucky due to the superstition behind that number, Eight has octopus-like tentacles as octopuses have 8 tentacles, Eleven loves football as a football team has 11 players, etc.).