Zander the Great

Zander the Great is a 1925 American silent comedy drama film directed by George W. Hill, in his first directing role for MGM. The film stars Marion Davies. The screenplay by Frances Marion is based upon the Edward Salisbury Field 1923 play of the same name.


Mamie Smith (Marion Davies) is rescued from an orphanage by Mrs. Caldwell (Hedda Hopper), the mother of a small child whom Mamie calls Zander. Mrs. Caldwell dies, and Mamie takes Zander west in search of the boy's missing father. In Arizona she meets Dan Murchison (Harrison Ford), a liquor smuggler who pretends to be Caldwell in order to avoid the sheriff. Mamie falls in love with Dan but learns of his illegal activities and threatens to turn him in. Dan locks her up and sends Zander to his friend Juan (Holbrook Blinn) for safekeeping. Mamie escapes and is captured by Black Bart's gang, who tie her to a tree. She frees herself and goes to Juan's men, arriving in time to round up the gang members. Dan tells Mamie that he is not Caldwell, and she and Dan are married.