Varaphalam is a 1994 Malayalam humorous drama film, directed by Thaha, starring Sreenivasan and Mukesh in the lead roles.


The story is about Thilakan and his two sons, one of them blind, Unni (Sreenivasan), and the other one deaf, Balan (Mukesh).The story takes a turn when the sons marry and their in-laws try to steal the family money. Krishnankutty (Jagathy) is a clever but honest caretaker for the deaf and blind siblings, who is constantly at odds with their in-laws.Being astute he senses the actual intentions of the in laws and warns the brothers.The in laws start wading into forbidden territory in their quest to grab money and finally The father (Thilakan), steps in and carries out the burden of sorting things out.

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    director Thaha
    editor G. Venkitaraman
    genre comedy drama
    keywords sibling
    musicBy S. P. Venkatesh
    producer Risana Arts
    productionCompany Risana Arts
    publisher Pratheeksha Pictures