Never Again as Before

Never Again as Before

Never Again as Before is a 2005 Italian coming of age drama film produced, written and directed by Giacomo Campiotti.


Six schoolmates, after the high school exams, decide to leave together for a holiday in the Dolomites, in what will probably be their last summer together before they probably never see each other again. The group consists of Enrico, the creator of the holiday and the group's glue; Max, a disabled boy suffocated by oppressive parents; Lorenzo, a musician who dreams the fame; Giulia, Lorenzo's girlfriend, reluctant to leave; Martina, the other girl in the group, secretly in love with Lorenzo; Cesare, an extravagant boy with a punk style and rough, but with a gold heart.

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    contentLocation Rome
    director Giacomo Campiotti
    editor Joe Walker
    genre drama
    keywords bind disabled end nothing
    musicBy Corrado Carosio
    producer Giacomo Campiotti
    theme high school