Arrête ton cinéma

Arrête ton cinéma

Arrête ton cinéma is a 2016 French comedy film directed by Diane Kurys.


Sybille, a recognized actress, preparing with enthusiasm her first writing film to get behind the camera. Everything seems to go well. Her producers, two sisters, are two wacky but lovable characters, and Sybille empties into the adventure with them, putting aside her family life. But, from the unlikely choice of actresses, the successive rewrites of the script, through the financial refusal, the wonderful dream turns into a nightmare. Incorrigible optimist, Sybille will realize too late that her whimsical and totally crazy producers are going to drag her in their madness ... One thing is certain, nothing will happen as planned.

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    director Diane Kurys
    editor Sylvie Gadmer
    genre comedy
    keywords family life nothing write
    producer Alexandre Arcady
    productionCompany Alexandre Films
    publisher BAC Films