Killer Darts

Killer Darts is a 1968 Hong Kong wuxia film produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio and starring Yueh Hua and Chin Ping.


Liu Wen-lung's home is attacked by bandits led by Chou Chao. Liu's wife was killed, but his son Yu-long was saved by a faithful servant by hiding in a well. While tracking down the bandit, his disciple Hu Chi-feng attempted to rape a villager. Liu Wen-lung discovers the attempt and Hu escaped, but not before killing his victim with a killer dart stolen from Liu. Liu Wen-lung adopted Yu-sien, the orphaned daughter of the victim, and raised her together with his son, settling down and giving up the pursuit of vengeance.


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    director Ho Meng Hua
    editor Chiang Hsing-lung
    keywords adopt attack hide kill orphan
    musicBy Stanley Chow
    producer Run Run Shaw
    productionCompany Shaw Brothers Studio
    publisher Shaw Brothers Studio
    theme wuxia