Dui Purush

Dui Purush (English: Two Generations) is a 1945 Bengali language epic family drama film directed by Subodh Mitra. Produced by New Theatres and adapted from Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay's novel and popular stage play, with a screenplay by Binoy Chatterjee. The editing was done by Mitra, who was popularly known as Kachi Babu, and cited as one of the best editors in the film industry. The music director was Pankaj Mullick with lyrics by Sailen Roy. The cinematographers were Sudhin Majumdar and Yusuf Mulji. The cast included Chhabi Biswas, Chandrabati Devi, Sunanda Banerjee, Ahindra Choudhury, Tulsi Chakraborty, Jahar Ganguly, and Naresh Mitra.


Nutubehari, called Nutu, is a poor but educated social worker who sticks to his life's ideals and fights against the wealthy Zamindar for people's rights. He falls in love with Kalyani, a barrister's daughter. An enraged Zamindar has Nutu put in jail. When he gets out of jail, he finds Kalyani has been married off to someone else. Nutu marries Bimla, and starts a school in the village. He and Bimla have a son called Arun. Kalyani's husband dies and her in-laws throw her out of the house along with her infant daughter. She comes back to the village and takes shelter with Nutubehari who lets her run the school.