Kasthooriman (Musk Deer) was an Indian Malayalam television series directed by Sachin K.Ibaque. The show premiered on Asianet channel on 11 December 2017. It stars Sreeram Ramachandran and Rebecca Santhosh along with experienced senior actors Praveena, Raghavan, Sreelatha Namboothiri and Beena Antony. It aired on Asianet and on-demand through Disney+ Hotstar. The show aired its last episode on 27 March 2021.


Kavya's latest attempt at marriage fails when her fiancé's family demands her to transfer her family's ancestral property to her future husband's name, which would leave her widow mother and unwed younger sisters homeless. Kavya later falls in love with her friend and tenant Sreejith, only learning after they are engaged that he loves her sister Keerthi.