Angulimaal ("Finger Garland") is a 1960 Hindi mythology drama film directed by Vijay Bhatt. The film was a Thai Information Service Co. Ltd. Presentation.


A boy is born to the Raj Purohit (the palace priest) on a stormy, omen-filled night. He has his birth chart read, which indicates that though the child will be well educated, he will be a killer of thousands of people and bring destruction wherever he goes. The child is taken to be blessed by the King and on asking about his Kundali (horoscope), the Raj Jyotishi (Royal Astrologer) who has made it, informs the king of the disaster that the child will wreak. The people in the court want the child killed, but the king stops them by saying that you cannot punish someone before the crime has been committed. However, on being reportedly warned by the Jyotish about the correctness of his reading of the child's Janam Kundli (birth chart), the Raj Guru decides to take the child to his Gurukul for the first twelve years of his life and hone him to be the best student; the Acharya (Brahmin teacher/Guru) will take over to teach him for a further eight years to turn him into the brightest. The King christens the boy Ahinsak (Non-violent), meaning someone who is peace-loving. After finishing his eight years in basic training, Ahinsak leaves with the Acharya for the Gurukul where the Acharya's much younger wife Guru Mata (Anita Guha) also helps in imparting education, archery, athletics and horse riding. Ahinsak excels in all the arts. Also studying at the Gurukul is Maruti (Chandrashekhar), the Prime Minister's son, who is to marry the king's daughter, and his two friends, Dhanpal (Ram Mohan) and Krishan (Kesari). As Ahinsak is adept in all fields, the three friends are jealous of him and of the attention Ahinsak gets at the Gurukul from the Acharya and Guru Mata.