Sradha is a 2000 Indian Malayalam language action film directed by I. V. Sasi and written by T. Damodaran and Dr. Rajendrababu. The film stars Mohanlal, Arun Pandian, Abhirami, Sangeetha, Shobhana and Indraja. It features a musical score and soundtrack composed by Bharadwaj. The plot follows the investigations of a police squad led by Ganga Prasad (Mohanlal) for a terrorist threat in the city. The film was released on 7 July 2000, and ended up as a critical and commercial failure. It was dubbed and released in Tamil titled Dhool Police and in Telugu as Abhi.


Ganga Prasad IPS (Mohanlal) is a police officer of the Anti Terrorist Wing of the State Police. He has a wife, Suma (Shobhana) and son Abi. A girl Swapna (Abhirami), who is attracted to Prasad, falls in love with him. Meanwhile, a group of hard-core terrorists led by Lucifer Munna (Arun Pandian) and Janeesha (Sangeetha) wreak havoc at various parts of the city. How Gangaprasad resolves the terrorist attack forms the climax of the movie.