Deserted at the Altar

Deserted at the Altar

Deserted at the Altar is a 1922 American silent film melodrama directed by William K. Howard and produced by Phil Goldstone Productions. It stars Bessie Love and Tully Marshall.


Two villains plan to steal the inheritance of Anna Moore (Love) by marrying her. When her brother Tommy (Lee) is hit by a car, the wealthy driver pays the doctor bills, and falls in love with Anna. This thwarts the villains' initial plans, so they go on to hire a woman to pose as the driver's estranged partner and mother of his child, and stop the wedding. When the woman reveals her true identity, the villains are exposed, and Anna and her rich fiancé are reunited.

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    director William K. Howard
    genre drama
    keywords estrange hit by a car true identity wed
    producer Phil Goldstone
    productionCompany Phil Goldstone Productions
    theme melodrama silent