Night of the Sorcerers

Night of the Sorcerers

The Night of the Witches aka Night of the Sorcerers is a 1973 horror film which starred Maria Kosti, Loli Tovar aka Maria Dolores del Loreto Tovar, Barbara King, Kali Hansa aka Marisol Hernandez, Jack Taylor, Simón Andreu, and Joseph Thelman. Written and directed by Amando de Ossorio, the premise of the movie is that a group of African explorers run afoul of a native cult. "Brujo" means a "male witch or warlock", so the title actually translates as "Night of the Warlocks", not "Night of the Witches"


In a 1910 prologue, an unnamed missionary (played by Barbara King) was kidnapped by native Bokor (sorcerers) to be sacrificed under a full moon. The Bokor tied her between two posts, whipped her, then carried her to a stone altar where they decapitated her. The ceremony was interrupted, however, by soldiers who shot all the participants. Unnoticed in the melee, a Shedim (demon) took possession of the woman.