I Want to Be a Star 小咖大作战

I Want to Be a Star is a Toggle original series drama which is shown on Toggle. The show depicts the life of a calefare and rising to fame as actors and actresses of Mediacorp. It stars Chew Chor Meng, Shane Pow, Kym Ng, Somaline Ang, Dennis Chew, Ya Hui as the main cast of the series. Channel 8 began airing the series every Sunday at 10.30pm from 25 December 2016.


Da Tian opens a calefare agency. Edgar, Fei Mei, Gao Mei, Fa Ge, and Ru Hua all start off as extras in films. Soon, Gao Mei gets her friend Mei Yi to join. Mei Yi and Di Long fall in love. Edgar starts to fall in love with Gao Mei but it is not reciprocated.


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    genre drama
    keywords all star
    publisher Toggle Original Series