39 Pounds of Love

39 Pounds of Love

39 Pounds of Love is a film written and directed by Dani Menkin, with co-writer, Ilan Heitner. It stars Ami Ankilewitz, a 34-year-old Israeli 3D animator who lived with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). The documentary centers on his journey across the United States by motorhome to find the doctor who told his mother when he was born that he would not live past the age of 6. The title refers to the fact that Ankilewitz weighed only 39 pounds during his cross-country trip due to the rare form of SMA/2 that he was born with. Even though he could not move any part of his body except for one finger, he was still determined to use that finger to create 3D animations and live his life as he would if he had not suffered from SMA. 39 Pounds of Love was officially released on April 5, 2005 and was re-released on DVD on October 6, 2009.


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    director Dani Menkin
    genre animation
    musicBy Chris Gubisch
    publisher Balcony Releasing
    theme documentary