Never Touched Me

Never Touched Me is a 1919 American short comedy film featuring Harold Lloyd. A print exists in the Staatliches Filmarchive.


Harold is one of several suitors attempting to woo Bebe. Several fights break out among the hopefuls at Bebe's home. Eventually she and Harold leave quickly on foot while being hotly pursued by the rest. Bebe leads Harold into a cafe where she is a dancer billed as "The Princess of Sapphire". Harold is mistaken as an orchestra leader and comically leads the band in a tune, all the while trying to avoid being struck by a trombonist's instrument . The most belligerent of Harold's rivals eventually puts him is a violent choke hold after he sees Harold come out of Bebe's dressing room. Harold is rescued by the police who inform him that the suitor who was choking him was a wanted man.

    More details

    director Alfred John Goulding
    genre comedy
    keywords break out choke dressing room rescue wanted man
    producer Hal Roach
    productionCompany Rolin Films
    publisher Pathé Exchange
    theme short